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Calloway and Nature Trails - Picacho Peak, AZ
mini location map2015-03-15
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Calloway and Nature Trails - Picacho Peak, AZ 
Calloway and Nature Trails - Picacho Peak, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 15 2015
Hiking1.58 Miles 400 AEG
Hiking1.58 Miles   1 Hour   18 Mns   1.48 mph
400 ft AEG      14 Mns Break
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Before heading home I wanted to try the other two trails near Hunter Trail. After a light breakfast at camp, I packed my stuff and headed on over to Barrett Loop to park the car. There were already quite a few vehicles parked on the right side of this one way loop. I circled twice like a dummy thinking I could find a better spot to park ](*,) which was really stupid since I was there to HIKE. Anyway, I geared up and headed over to the multi-TH and headed down and then up a drainage on the Calloway Trail. It was a bit warm out already but there were still some shady spots.

It's a pretty little hike that heads gradually up a hillside below the little mountain on your left. There were wildflowers scattered about as you slowly gain elevation and arrive at the saddle. I was hoping it was a loop but it's not. The views to the east were a bit hazy but thru the slight morning haze you still get a nice layering effect. I saw the Rincons and Catalinas but not sure of the mountains to their NW. I took a few pics including some panos and movies of course.

On the way down you get a nice view of Newman Peaks on your right and Picacho on your left. I saw some different flora this time as the light had changed enough for me to notice them this time. I got to the intersection with the Nature Trail and took it until it more or less ends and then retraced my steps. There are some interpretive signs along the way. Over to the right or east were some rock formations that had beautifully blooming brittlebush that shined brilliant :D above the reddish rock. However, the sun's shine made it a little difficult to shoot this scene. On the way back you have a choice to go straight or go to the right. I kept going thinking this was a loop of some sort. It kind of is and kind of isn't.

As I got toward the VC I saw a trail going to the left (amphitheatre) and decided to take that hoping it would get me to the upper part of the Barrett Loop so I wouldn't have to road walk. The amphitheatre is actually pretty nice and they must do something at nite as there was a street lamp. It looked like the trail might end as I continued south but it doesn't. So I could stay on the trail all the way to the main parking area. As I was going up this one section there were two elderly gentleman with one more agile fellow ahead. I ended up behind the less agile one as he struggled to raise his foot to get up the steps. I didn't mind waiting; afterall, this trail is really for them. I was glad he was giving it a go :) so didn't say or do anything until he finished the task of getting up those few steps.

I headed back to Tonto Jr as the loop parking area continued to fill and you could see many a hiker heading up the Hunter Trail on what I thot was a rather warm morning. My next task was to figure out how to get to that back road to Florence. I had copy/pasted the directions into my gmail but the pictures seemed to have disappeared. So I would wing it, kind of.

Here is the videos:
Calloway Trail -
Nature Trail -
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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