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Mount Windom
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mini location map2016-07-05
16 by photographer avatarknmurphy
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Mount WindomSouthwest, CO
Southwest, CO
Backpack avatar Jul 05 2016
Backpack39.00 Miles 9,020 AEG
Backpack39.00 Miles4 Days         
9,020 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Squeezed a second trip into the Nuche. After the hike out from our first trip we went into Durango for some cheeseburgers and beer before heading over to the Purgatory TH for a short hike down to the Animus. Day 2 was 12mi up and over to Chicago basin where the local mountain goats were out in force. On day 3 we were up at 3:30am to make our run up Windom. There was some snow on the way up, but nothing too major. After we made the summit we headed back to camp for a short nap before we hiked back over to the Animus, made for a 17.5mi day with 3000' up and 6000' down. It's not easy to nap in Chicago Basin, our camp had at least 30 goats in it when we got back. Day 4 was a short and stiff 5mi back up to the Purgatory TH.
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