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Mt Graham, AZ
mini location map2016-09-02
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Mt Graham, AZ 
Mt Graham, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 02 2016
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It's been four years since I was out at Mt Graham subsequently meeting a girl for the first time and said girl wanted to go back, show her sister, husband and baby, and of course hike up to the fire tower where we first talked a bit.

An old post about the trip stated
After a long Labor Day weekend 3yrs ago, I came back home with photos of wildflowers, waterfalls, mushrooms and a curious little green hair patch creature. I found her on every hike I planned on the mountain, every off-trail overlook, and even up in an abandoned fire tower. I didn't quite know what to make of her; being different than anything I've ever seen before, she intrigued the hell out of me.
Eventually I had to bring her home for further study.
I've been trying to grasp her existence and finding her in my photos ever since.

My brother-in-law and I left Friday morning to secure a spot and the rest of my usual crew met us Saturday morning.
We ended up hiking some or all of:
Ash Ridge Trail to the Pinnacles
A couple off trail creeks
Ash Creek to the falls
Goudy Ridge
Webb Peak
And of course we drove the CP Flat Loop

While Noel and I were returning from the fire tower in the dark, we were using her headlamp and I'd use my bright spotlight every once in a while in hopes of catching some eyes reflecting back (I'd seen 12 deer and 6 turkeys on the trip so far).
About 8 minutes back from the truck I turned on the spot and found some yellow eyes at the base of a tree off on the left. I could tell it was a cat but wasn't sure wh... oh pumpkin, that's the big kind. The mountain lion wasn't shy and wouldn't blink unless I turned the flashlight a bit. It finally moved a little and I lost it behind a log. I waited and it reappeared and walked down another fallen tree and I could finally see it's full outline. It stopped and did it's unblinking thing and it was clear it wasn't going to slink away. Just in case it had other ideas, when we started walking again, I kept the light behind us on it and told Noel to let me know if there was anything to be tripped over on the trail ahead of me. I kept the flashlight and my eyes back on the the yellow reflections until the woods broke the sightline and then still kept it lit behind me. We made it back to the truck just fine with a new story to tell.

Her sister's one year old did awesome in her backpack carrier and the rest of the trip went great.
There were very few wildflowers this trip, but a ton more mushrooms.
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May he guide you through the wilderness : protect you through the storm;
May he bring you home rejoicing : at the wonders he has shown you;
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