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Dogwood - Wild Cherry Loop
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mini location map2016-11-07
7 by photographer avatarEartheist
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Dogwood - Wild Cherry LoopNorth Central, OR
North Central, OR
Hiking avatar Nov 07 2016
Hiking3.63 Miles 719 AEG
Hiking3.63 Miles   1 Hour   31 Mns   2.39 mph
719 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Beautiful hike through Portland's Forest Park. Weather was cool and cloudy, no rain, just a perfect day for hiking. The loop starts at the parking lot on Leif Erickson Drive. There is a large sign giving you a few hike options. I chose this one just because the mileage seemed right for the amount of time we had. We were visiting and didn't have our usual gear, so didn't want to do anything too crazy. The hike goes down Leif Erickson for 0.3 miles, then picks up the Wild Cherry Trail and you take that about a mile to the top of the ridge. It was up but not grueling. The amazing greenery of the flora is well worth it. It's amazing this dense forest is so close to the city. You cross the Wildwood Trail as you near the top; I would have loved to spend some more time and go down the Wildwood, which goes deep into the forest for several miles. But alas, limited time. Wild Cherry ends at a small parking area at the top of the ridge, which is where you pick up the Dogwood trail for the trip back down. I was hoping for a good views of the city, expecting it to open up, but the city stays partly hidden by the trees the whole way down. This of course was fine, as I like to escape the city when I hike. Dogwood ends back at Leif Erickson drive but not at the start, you then walk Leif Erickson for about a half mile back to the start. This was an fantastic sampling of some Oregon hiking and I can't wait to go back.
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