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Camelback Mountain / Praying Monk
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mini location map2017-05-26
5 by photographer avatarDennisWilliams
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Camelback Mountain / Praying MonkPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Climbing avatar May 26 2017
Climbing1.00 Miles 500 AEG
Climbing1.00 Miles
500 ft AEG20 LBS Pack
 no routes
1st trip
Linked none no linked trail guides
Partners none no partners
 South East Corner 5.6SportPG1 Pitch90 ft
First 20 feet are the most difficult.
Fun climb up an iconic Phoenix landmark. We were a party of three: friends Jack, Ray, and myself. I am the youngest of the three, so up there old guys ruled! This was Ray's first destination rock climb and he nailed it. None of us had been up there before so we wandered around on the approach figuring out the right gullies to use to get up the canyon head-wall, wasting at least an hour. Nice free hanging rappel off the south side.

Good to finally get up there. Another one of those high places that I have been looking at for fifty years. Used to fool around in Echo Canyon as a teenager doing all sorts of foolish and memorable teenager things. Finished up with Mexican food and Margaritas at Los Olivos in Scottsdale, another place that I have been going to for over forty years. Ah, the memories.

Lovely day. Breezy, sunny, and 80s during the mid-morning with low humidity. A splendid day!
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- Marcus Aurelius
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