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Long Dong Taiwan, WW
mini location map2018-12-01
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Long Dong Taiwan, WW 
Long Dong Taiwan, WW
Climbing avatar Dec 01 2018
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Rock climbing at 龍洞, Long Dong (The Dragon's Cave) on the NE coast of Taiwan about 30 minutes drive from the port city of Keelung.

Though fully in keeping with the climbing ethos, the name is only coincidentally offensive. Extended a business trip to take advantage of the offer by my young colleagues there to take me to a renowned climbing site. Packed my shoes, harness, and helmet and off I went. Lucky with the weather. This is the beginning of the rainy season when it typically rains at least 2 days out of 3. You book your tickets and hope for the best. A lovely day along the sea cliffs and a busy location as a result.

The first crag is a 5 minute walk from the parking area. Great rock. Some of the best I have climbed. A fused conglomerate hard as quartzite and bullet proof. All sorts of cracks, knobby protrusions, and even chicken heads to grab onto, but also some smooth faces. All of the routes we did were in the 5.8 to 5.10 range and they all had roofs to pull at 20 feet up. Big under-clings and super fun. Lots of families with kids there, some of whom were pretty darned good climbers! It is inspiring to watch a seven year old boy or girl zip up a tough looking route. Fearless.

Long Dong is also a renowned scuba diving location and people come from across the globe to climb and to dive there. A cool day in a cool place doing fun things with great friends.

- Antoninus Pius

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