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Clear Lake, CO
mini location map2017-09-03
21 by photographer avatarOdinWiski
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Clear Lake, CO 
Clear Lake, CO
Hiking avatar Sep 03 2017
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Sunday morning we had breakfast, broke camp and started our hike out. It seemed everyone and their dogs in Colorado were on the trail going up to Ice Lake. Saturday had already seen a lot of people and dogs, but Sunday was something else. We got in our truck and drove up Clear Lake Road and spent quite some time by Clear Lake. I could see why a lot of 4x4 clubs love the drive up Clear Lake Road. And the reward for the drive was huge with such a beautiful lake and great spots to camp. It was cool to see the ridge and summit of V2 from Clear Lake – a reversed perspective from the day before. We were thankful that we got to see the lake after all after not being able to make it Thursday night because of car trouble.

I hope to get back to this area in the future to explore the peaks.
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