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Bell and Little Wild Horse Canyons Loop
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mini location map2015-03-25
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Bell and Little Wild Horse Canyons LoopCentral, UT
Central, UT
Hiking avatar Mar 25 2015
Hiking8.50 Miles 860 AEG
Hiking8.50 Miles
860 ft AEG
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Last Triplog from this Trip...Last Day Playing in UT, other than the Drive Home the next Day. I hadn't planned on doing anything in the San Rafael Swell this Trip, but when the Ranger mentioned it in Moab with the thought that I could do it on the way to Cedar City, I took the Info. As it turned out, I didn't have time for it on that Day, but it intrigued and somewhere along the Trip, I decided to go ahead and make the Drive up and do it...Then I could just catch I-70 Back, and go through Moab again back to Colorado. So that was the Plan...

After some Early Morning Entertainment in the Capitol Reef Campground, I hit the Road. Got to the Turnoff and then didn't take another turn when I needed to. I was recalling the Ranger's Directions to not take the Turnoff to Goblin Valley, but to go straight...So I did...The Road turned to Dirt and after passing some Campers and a Campground, the Road just kept going and after some time and about 5 Miles, I decided that somehow it just wasn't right. So I drove back to the Intersection and turned. There was another Intersection further in, that the Directions actually applied to... ](*,) :lol: That's ok, I discovered some great Dispersed Camping on my little Detour... :D Got to the TH and discovered that like Peek-a-boo and Spooky, this was a very popular Hike. The Parking Lot was Packed and there were at least 15 Cars in the OVERFLOW Lot...On a Wednesday.... :o :sweat:

Started out and immediately decided to follow the Hordes and do this Loop CCW. I didn't want to start running into everybody going the Opposite Way in the Narrows of Bell...It was a good Call and it seemed like 80% of the People I saw must have just done the Narrows of Little Wild Horse and turned around...I saw very few people after the First 30 minutes except for a Family or two that I kept playing Leapfrog with.

Little Wild Horse is described as being 3 Miles long. The Narrows are about 1 Mile long, still a Canyon with Walls for about 1 1/2 Miles and then basically a Wash for the last 1/2 Mile to the Jeep Road. According to the Topo, Little Wild Horse Canyon actually keeps going, but you turn Left on the Jeep Road. If you watch the Edge of the Wash as you get closer, you'll see a Cairn that will give you a small Shortcut to the Road, saving you about 100 Yards or so....

You then take the Jeep Road over to Bell Canyon. The Main Jeep Road goes to the Right and up a large Hill, but you stay on a secondary Road to the Left that enters the Canyon...The Road disappears after a bit and you're just in the Wash. Bell is shorter and the Narrows are very Short, with most of it being nice Canyon with High Walls. It was very different from Little Wild Horse, even though these Canyons are right next to each other. A lot more Sky, but Cool Walls and Rock just the same. And like every Canyon I've done on this Trip, it certainly had some really Sweet Spots... :) And then, you are back in the Main Wash, Hiking past the Little Wild Horse Entrance and on your Way to the TH.

Another nice Hike with Sweet Canyons...Glad I took the Time to do this One, it was worth the Drive. I probably would not want to do this when it gets Hotter though. The Back End felt a bit like a Slog before you got into Bell...There isn't much Shade either.

And this concludes my Trip to Colorado and Utah...I hope you all enjoyed the Ride...Photos? Yeah...Last One.... :sl:
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