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Hell-Oh Mary., NM
mini location map2017-11-30
17 by photographer avatarimike
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Hell-Oh Mary., NM 
Hell-Oh Mary., NM
Canyoneering avatar Nov 30 2017
Canyoneering6.00 Miles 1,700 AEG
Canyoneering6.00 Miles
1,700 ft AEG
Basic Canyoneering - Scrambling; easy climbing/downclimbing; frequent hand use; rope recommended; easy exit
 no routes
1st trip
Linked none no linked trail guides
Partners none no partners
One more of the Burlison Ridge West... frontal cuts. This one south of the Mary's Fault and Not Mary's Fault. Houses blocking mouth of canyon forced a looping entry from the north... likely just as well: pretty overgrown in the lower sections.

Eventually the bedrock kicked in and the great climb/scrambles. One needed a safety rope to make it a reasonable climb (we'll go back with rope!) Fun bypass... lots of fun scrambles.

We started to exit Lynda's Cut... but Ross/Mary and Darrel voted for the easier Left Cut down into Arrow North. So... scored that bit of extra. Also, nice baseball sized Quartz geode? Good day!

Just a couple cuts left to explore on that West face...
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