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Lawson Spring Canyon, NM
mini location map2017-11-06
10 by photographer avatarimike
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Lawson Spring Canyon, NM 
Lawson Spring Canyon, NM
Canyoneering avatar Nov 06 2017
Canyoneering7.00 Miles 2,700 AEG
Canyoneering7.00 Miles
2,700 ft AEG
Basic Canyoneering - Scrambling; easy climbing/downclimbing; frequent hand use; rope recommended; easy exit
 no routes
1st trip
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Route requested by Mary and Ross. They hoped to see the potential exit from the top of the Ridge that would allow a shorter day if/when the Gap in Dog Canyon is done again (...last time... 14 hour day. Not their favorite!) Alas... our six hour loop today was good, but not revealing as to the potential drop over from the top.

We climbed Lawson Spring to the first bench, then followed the cut on up to the Upper bench. As always, great little cut, and the upper scrambles added to the day. Once on the bench, we angled up and around into Deadman Canyon. Great rock along the way... I needed tools! I'll go back for some of the nicer rocks.

Around in Deadman most of the routes up looked doubtful. I think the better route would be up the Middle Fork... too far over for us to check out today... but Mary was feeling good so we headed over into the Lower North Fork. I'd explained to them that a huge blocking Dryfall kept us from entering the canyon at our upper level... we'd have to chance routing down and through a few cliff layers before it would be safe to drop in... and today, that must of sounded okay to them. Down we dropped. First few levels provided broken sidehills to move down... then the major lower cliff gave us a narrow slotted and stairstepped fall; down and in we went!

Really nice route... and though warm for November, not a bad day to be playing in one of our better set of cuts. Lawson always great... Deadman even more so.

Lots of exploring remains to be done up that big canyon... Fun Stuff!

Not many pictures now that I just carry my phone for some shots... but... guess I'll check them and post. Hopefully Darrel got some better pictures!
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