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Hells Hole Trail #219
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mini location map2017-09-26
18 by photographer avatarimike
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Hells Hole Trail #219Southeast, NM
Southeast, NM
Hiking avatar Sep 26 2017
Hiking4.00 Miles 780 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles
780 ft AEG
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Interesting day. Luster had never checked out the Womack Mines, so we parked up on West Side Road with the intent of hiking over to and down Dry Canyon trail, to the unmarked Hell's Hole trail... then down and around to the mines. I'd planned on going off trail over to yet another system of mines to create a nice loop up and around to West Side.

Arriving at the upper section of tailings, we discovered the heavy rains this season had placered out the side hill! Color everywhere. We gathered. I explored the upper mine entries. Dendretic rocks... Azurites... Copper... lots of fun rock! I filled my pack (brought the full frame... mistake?) and called the off trail section out of bounds. I knew I'd need the better footing and easier grades of the old mine roads.

Before we headed up the hill had to do a bit of first aid... Luster drove the spike end of his pick through his hand...! :( ... and heavy storm started to roll in. We made it into the truck just as the rains hit. 50 Degrees!

Home... weighed the pack: 91#!! So, got my leg workout.

We need to go back... find Lusters rock hammer and finish checking out the other mine system!

Good day...
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