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Hells Hole Trail #219
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mini location map2017-11-21
18 by photographer avatarimike
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Hells Hole Trail #219Southeast, NM
Southeast, NM
Canyoneering avatar Nov 21 2017
Canyoneering5.00 Miles 1,700 AEG
Canyoneering5.00 Miles
1,700 ft AEG
Canyon Hiking - Non-technical; no rope; easy scrambling; occasional hand use
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Bit of a misunderstanding for our hike... Scheduled: Good Canyon Exploratory. Luster had a specific canyon near Womack Mines in mind... as good canyons! So, we shifted (Good has waited six years... it will still be there) and dropped into a ridge cut east of Womack immediately below West Side Road. Traversing over one cut, we passed up some exceptional rock and proceeded to drop down the drainage. I was thinking this might be the east split off the old Caballero Traverse; I'd never hiked that cut... might be nice to get it off the to-do list.

Turns out this Cut dropped directly into North Caballero... nicely. Which would mean the one we crossed would also flow into same.

We hiked the old waterpipe road around and down, eventually dropping back into the big canyon. We turned up my old Traverse route (soon to be renamed Womack Cut) and proceeded up to the Mine. Lots of interesting color... lots of too warm weather (what is with that!) Topping out at the old Mine works we spent time exploring the old tailings, both east and west side.

The goal today on this loop: check out the rock ridge above the line of rocks holding the many shafts to the east. So... climbed the Hell Hole road to a high point then headed cross the ridge... and scored a fairly easy route that carried us across... to discover more shafts, but not developed all that much. One more check of this area to document all of the existing mines should close out the exploring in this area... although there remain 3-4 cuts to check below the mines.

Scored really nice crystal copper flow stone(?)... Did not look the same at home! What is with that... need to post it online and see if folks can identify...

Other than the warm... great hike!
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