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mini location map2017-11-28
4 by photographer avatarjimntempe
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Stewart MountainPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 28 2017
Hiking2.50 Miles 1,188 AEG
Hiking2.50 Miles
1,188 ft AEG
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Saw an old flat Microwave reflector from the highway and decided to hike up to it. Tracked down coordinates on Google earth and estimated the shortest route. Probably a longer route would have been better. Took off from Intersection of Bush highway and Butcher Jones Beach access road and headed toward mountain. First part is almost flat with old road you can follow for a while. Then started up the central drainage of two mountains. No trail. Had to climb over a lot of boulders. About 2/3rds up found someone had made rock piles to mark how they had gone. These continued to a flat area of the saddle between the peaks. THen more boulder hopping to the Microwave. Old flat microwave reflector with graffiti on it and a fairly new looking solar powered microwave repeater installation. Nice views of superstitions, weavers needle, four peaks and Saguaro lake. On the trip back swung a bit wider at the beginning but managed to wind up in the boulders again which was a pain in the behind. If I was to go again I would look for a route up on the "other side" of the mountain even if it was longer if it would avoid the boulders. Fortunately even though there were some steep parts there were very few places with loose material, mostly there were rocks and rock outcroppings you could plant your boots on. Saw very little birds or wildlife.
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