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Salt River at Regal Canyon
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mini location map2018-10-12
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Salt River at Regal CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
4x4 Trip avatar Oct 12 2018
4x4 Trip
4x4 Trip
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*Road conditions update.

I was last hear in 2009. It's such an amazing place. I've never forgotten that day [ photo ] . I've been really wanting to return. Friday was the long awaited day and my good friend Hank (Grasshopper) willingly joined me. Well, a lot has changed in 9 years. The road was bad back then. Now it's downright dangerous. We were shut down about 1 mile and 600 vertical above/from the river. It's a steep switchback segment with very little base. It's very narrow and eroding badly. One spot is heavily tilted to the down-slope edge with an off camber drop. Rolling your vehicle at this spot would have very high negative consequences. Just beyond that is a huge truck size bolder nearly blocking the route with the road tilting towards the boulder. Miss judge the width and you'll bash your door.

This bad road segment is about 0.3 mile long. Access to the river is now primarily limited to ATV's. I highly recommend parking at a small flat saddle pull-off just above the switchbacks at 33/48/45.92 & 110/36/54.66 (see map). From this spot you can safely park and walk this segment to judge for yourself. Some people have a higher fear/risk threshold. Ha.. My decision was easy. I turned around!! My low mile 2011 Xterra was not being aimed down that hill. I'll add "replacement" Xterra for those that know me.

The other obvious option is to just park and walk the remaining mile. It's an easy short hike. The views are worth the effort. The parking spot noted above and on the attached map is also a very nice flat car camping spot with good views. For all practical purposes, this is sadly the new unofficial trailhead. Just reaching this spot is no picnic but it's at least manageable with a solid short wheelbase 4x4 vehicle. It's challenging enough to be fun with minimal risk of crashing. Enjoy!

ISAIAH 6:2-3 / MATTHEW 11:28-30
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