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Butterfly Peaks, AZ
mini location map2018-12-27
18 by photographer avatarkentlawrence67
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Butterfly Peaks, AZ 
Butterfly Peaks, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 27 2018
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My son and I left our neighborhood in Chandler at 6am. Arrived by 7:30am at the trailhead and finished by about 3:30pm. It takes about an hour to traverse from the Quartz Peak trail to Butterfly peaks. Initally we left the Quartz Peak trail from a bit of a notch on the ridge below Quartz summit and followed somewhat of a ramp between cliffs to bypass difficulties and cliffs east of Quartz Peak, then we followed the ridge mostly where we could to obtain the pass between Quartz and Butterfly. The rest was traversing just below the cliffs on the Butterfly-Quartz ridge and boulder, catclaw, and cactus wacking around to Butterfly. It was tedious, but do-able if you're persistent. Wear long pants. The vegetation wants to shred you. West Butterfly can be climbed without a rope with a couple of low, minimally exposed 5th class moves to surmount a somewhat overhung chockstone in a large gash that runs up the south side of the peak (use good sense. Only you know what you're comfortable with. My son and I brought a rope and harnesses and stoppers, but didn't use them.) Once over the chockstone, you can scramble up the gash and exit it just a few dozen feet from the top. Easy scrambling. East Butterfly is an easier, classic (fun!) boulder scramble to the top.
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