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Cascade Canyon
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mini location map2019-07-01
15 by photographer avatarJohn9L
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Cascade CanyonYellowstone, WY
Yellowstone, WY
Hiking avatar Jul 01 2019
Hiking7.25 Miles 1,172 AEG
Hiking7.25 Miles
1,172 ft AEG
1st trip
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After hiking to Amphitheater Lake, I headed over to Jenny Lake where I took a short break & then geared up to hike. I would catch the Jenny Lake Ferry which takes you two miles across the lake to the mount of Cascade Canyon. This was a great option and saved two miles of hiking each way. The only problem is that I got here around 4pm and the last boat returns at 7pm. I would only have three hours to adventure.

I arrived at the boat launch at Cascade Canyon and headed in. There were a lot of people in this area but I wasn’t deterred. I started hiking and made a quick stop at the impressive Hidden Falls and then headed up. The trail makes a steady climb and has nice views of Jenny Lake. I kept at it and set a good pace. Around the 1.5 mile mark I encountered people who were returning. They told me there were moose ahead and some saw a small black bear. I was on alert but never saw the bear. Soon after I encountered a male moose across the canyon. It was far away and I didn’t have a good view. I kept hiking and soon after I encountered a mama moose with baby. They were 20 feet off the trail. I was hesitant to pass but then some hikers came along and I continued. I went another mile or so and the skies turned ominous and thunder boomed in the distance. I was nearing my turnaround time so I headed back.

The return went really well. I would pass a large male moose but didn’t see the mama & baby again. The rest of the hike blurred by and I got back to the boat launch with 15 minutes to go. The ride back across was a lot of fun. I returned to my rental car and then headed for Jackson Hole where I met Lee & Blanco. We’re heading into the Wind River Range the next day.
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Hidden Falls Jenny Lake
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