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Bow Glacier Falls
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mini location map2019-06-07
13 by photographer avatarJohn9L
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Bow Glacier FallsAlberta, AB
Alberta, AB
Hiking6.24 Miles 851 AEG
Hiking6.24 Miles   2 Hrs   25 Mns   2.88 mph
851 ft AEG      15 Mns Break
1st trip
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My third full day in Banff started with 3+ inches of snow & it was still coming down when I left around 9am. I had a chill morning as I headed north to the Saskatchewan Crossing where I had lunch and waited for the weather to clear. I started my return and did a few short hikes and ended my day with this hike. The weather was clear when I started hiking around 2:15pm. Dark clouds loomed but I decided to go for it.

The first mile is easy going as you wrap around the northwest side of Bow Lake. You then arrive in a stream bed as you follow large cairns. From there you climb up a well-built staircase which leads to the upper basin that features Bow Glacier Falls. I admired the basin and headed for the falls where I arrived at its base. Bow Glacier Falls is a beautiful waterfall and the basin has a desolate beauty. I took my time and ate some snacks. After I had my fill I started my return and cruised back. I was back to the trailhead around 4:45pm and headed for the hostel.

It was a mellow but fun day. The snow and cold was a real treat, especially when I heard Phoenix was sunny & 100+.
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