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Escaping, AZ
mini location map2019-09-23
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Escaping, AZ 
Escaping, AZ
Storm Chasing avatar Sep 23 2019
Storm Chasing
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When NOAA lists your Area as Marginal, you have a nice Chance for Weather. When NOAA lists your Area as Slight, you do whatever you can to get Outside... My Ford Escape and I were hitting the Road. At Times, it was hard to tell who was Chasing who... :sweat: The Escape had a Trial or two, but it always comes through for me.

By the Time I passed the Saguaro Lake Turnoff, the Rain was Earnest. Visibility dropped to 100 Feet by the Top of the Hill before Four Peaks Road. All you could see off the Road was the Shapes of Ancient Saguaros and I stopped, thinking that I would get some "Foggy" Images, but it was just Raining too hard. There wasn't a Mountain to be seen... When the Rain stopped, the Fog lifted off the Highway right away so I continued, and hit Four Peaks Road, bound for my Favorite Spot. When I got close, Four Peaks was trying hard to be seen and with the Clouds breaking I hoped for a Promise. Within a few minutes, Nature delivered. After a bit of Shooting, I continued on until a Truck hauling pumpkin the other way started honking at me. @chumley was on the Loose. It's been probably 2 Years and it was nice to visit and catch up for a few minutes. I hung around and Shot for about an Hour as the Light and Clouds were pretty Sweet and Four Peaks never disappoints. More Storms started rolling around and it was Time to Chase some more.

No Color for Sunset, but the Storms kicked back up and the Intensity went up several Notches. They chased me back down the Beeline and I ended up at the Saguaro Turnoff. Pretty much Sucked that the Gates there were Locked, I have a nice Spot with 360 Views in there. I walked up the Road and tried to Shoot, but the Wind was making it difficult and the Storm was approaching too fast. By the Time I walked back to the Escape, it started to Rain. My Thought was to go South to get ahead of it and so I headed down the Bush Highway. Torrential Rain was beating me up and before I even hit the Blue Point Bridge, I was being Pounded with Hail. I decided to turn around before my Windows broke and anxiously made my way back to the Beeline. In just 20 Minutes, Bush Highway was Flooding and the Desert was bound and determined to reclaim stretches of Road. Mud, Rocks, and Water midway up my Wheel Wells. I somehow made it back to the Cul-De-Sac across the Beeline and decided to wait it out. An Hour later, Bush Highway was puddle free, with just Blocks of Land in the Roadway. I chased for several more Hours in various Locations and then returned to the Cul-De-Sac when everything quieted down. It was going to stay Quiet for awhile, so I crawled in the back and took a Nap.

Woke up just before Sunrise and saw that Color might be Possible. Back out towards Four Peaks for that and just before leaving to head back to the Barn, a nice little Surprise with a Bonus Ending. Just a Perfect Outing. Seeing an old Friend, Promises, Light Shows, Clouds and Light, Adrenalin, Drama and some Peace and Quiet at Times... Left the House at 1 P.M. on Monday, Home at 8:30 A.M. on Tuesday... It was a nice Escape from what's been my Life this last Year...
Harris Hawk
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