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mini location map2019-11-12
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Bart Benchmark 3127Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 12 2019
Hiking3.40 Miles 1,150 AEG
Hiking3.40 Miles
1,150 ft AEG
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Looking for a place to have an upcoming Party... This little Bump on the Map looked like nothing, but there was just something about it and it's Location, that Intrigued. So I decided to check it out. It's a done deal, it's Perfect for what I want.

I haven't done any Hiking really, since New Year's Day and I'm pretty out of shape right now, but I'm working hard on that these days. I've decided not to reveal this Hike's location until I put up my Event and I'm only Posting limited views. My Pictures simply can't do some of these Views justice. You have to be there to really appreciate it. I'd rather you experience it for the first time in Person, rather than through my Photos. It's a Roller Coaster that some of you may curse me for later, until you turn around as you top each hill... :D

I took my Time, occasionally stopping for Photos or to extract a Cholla Ball. The Cholla isn't that bad actually and I just picked up a couple on the way up. On the way down I picked up more because down was steep and foot placement was precious in places... :sweat: It was very windy yesterday and once I topped out, it was more than very windy. I took in the Views for a bit, but eventually I moved to the other side to escape the Wind and eat some Lunch. On the way down, I decided to skip the last 2 "Hills" and take a slightly gentler descent on an adjoining Ridgeline. Those last two hills were a bit steep going up and going down them would have seriously increased my chance of falling on my ass, which is something I had managed to avoid at that point. Coming down from the Peak was no Picnic either. The Steepness wasn't the Problem, it was that wonderful fine scree that your Tread just won't grab and hold... :sweat: The Adjoining Ridgeline solved most of that. If you decide to go back over the Entire Roller Coaster, you can add probably another 100 or so feet to the AEG...

This is an Off-Trail Hike, but the Bushwacking is minimal. Most of the actual Bushwacking was when I took the Alternate Route down. But even that wasn't bad, it was mostly Brittle Bush. And although it was Off Trail, there was a Game Trail most of the way. Judging from where that Trail went in places, I was guessing Javelina. They are short enough to "fit" under some of the Bushes and Trees. And I found a few prints that fit as well. I never saw any Deer or Sheep Scat, but further up, I realized that it wasn't just Javelina using this Trail and judging from the Scat, it was a Cat... And that made sense as well, as the Higher you got, the more Rock Clusters and Cliffs there were. Great Cat Country! That Trail would disappear at times, but not for long. It was very well defined and it went all the way to the Peak.

I collected more than a few Cholla Balls on the way down and I'm thankful I wore my Gators. But they didn't save me when I was inspecting a Fence and I brushed up against an actual Teddy Bear. Just above the Gator. Welcome back to Hiking the Arizona Desert... :lol: I hit the Road about 700 Feet from my Vehicle and Road Walked it back.

It was a good Day and my Instincts about this little Peak were confirmed. The Wind kept the Heat at Bay but it made the Air Quality not so good for Photos. But still a little Gem with some Sweet Views all the way up. And it wasn't just the Views, there are some cool Rock Formations, a Quartz Vein and some pretty old Saguaros. A couple of the Saguaros were actually Purple... I'll Post the Event sometime after Thanksgiving for those that are interested. This will be my 9th Year. The Photos are blah, but you guys have enjoyed my choices before, so I hope you'll trust me with this one...
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