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Governors PeakPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 12 2020
Hiking6.50 Miles 1,930 AEG
Hiking6.50 Miles
1,930 ft AEG
1st trip
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I walked out this day to have a meeting with the Governor. I was going to ask about declaring this day a minor, nuisance Holiday. I really wanted to go find the Lost Dutchman, but with my Birthday falling on a Sunday this year, I really didn't want to see the Zoo. Took me just a bit to find another Location and I remembered my New Year's Day Hike last year. First time I had ever Hiked in that area and I felt like it was time to go back and do some more. So the goal became to Go West Old Woman. I picked a Hike that I thought I could currently handle.

After a Comedy of Errors type morning, I finally got there, a bit later than I wanted, but I was there. Missed the Sunrise, but caught the Moonset. Four steps out of the Vehicle and my right knee starts barking. I've been getting flare ups on it for a couple of months, but usually AFTER a hard workout, not before. Judging from the past, it was going to bother me all day. It was almost like it knew what was coming and was trying to get me to change my mind. I said screw it and started hiking anyway. Along the way, I came to a realization. I really don't have Hiking Legs yet. While the Gym has gotten me in better shape, it's no substitute for a Trail. And this Trail showed little mercy. The baseball sized rocks found every muscle and tissue band in my legs that a Gym never touched. Fatigue was setting in way quicker than I hoped. 30 minutes in, I finally stopped and got some Ibuprofen on board as the barking was getting louder. But I kept going and just took my time. By the time I finally reached the top of the 1st Saddle, and saw what I had left, doubt started to creep in. I was really fatigued and although the barking was reduced to a yap, I wondered if I had enough juice in the legs to make this Peak. But, as some on this Site will tell you, I am stubborn and I hate not finishing something I've started. So I kept going.

This Hike was beginning to remind me of Bart. But instead of Hills, it was Saddles. I started to wonder if I was ever going to finally meet the Horse. But somehow, I made the last Saddle and then realized that what I had been looking at from down below wasn't even the Peak yet. :sweat: I started to go up the nearest peak, then lost the "Trail" and decided to check RS. Oops. ](*,) As I was on that slant, a Bald Eagle showed up over the Peak I was headed to. And then another and they kept circling. Made me wonder if they had a Nest on that rocky false peak and I was bothering them. But I changed direction, heading for the right Peak, and they disappeared. I scoured those cliffs with the Camera from Governors, but didn't see anything that could be a nest. All of the cliffs around though seemed to be popular perches, judging from all the white on the rocks.

I found the Trail and got back on track. Finally hit the Peak and collapsed for a bit. Enjoyed the views, spied on a Resort and ate lunch. Couldn't sign the Register, it's pretty much a mess, but I squeezed one of my Photography Cards into the jar. A Hummingbird checked me out for a bit while I was up there, hovering as close as 10 feet from my face.

And then it was time to get back down. Took more drugs and hoped the knee held up. It was barking again and made my whole right leg feel weak. Made it down to Four Tanks and took a break. I had thought about making this a Loop and taking Four Tanks down to Castle Creek, but since my knowledge of this area was limited and unsure about the knee, I opted to go back the way I came. Was hoping to get some views of the lake with the sun behind as well.
Ibuprofen and uphill is a knee's best friend. It was down to a whimper going up and over that last saddle. Once I started back down, it progressed back to a yap, but never barked again. I was definitely fatigued, but on an out and back I become like a horse heading for the barn and I manage to finish strong. But when I got to the Escape, I was ready to be at the Escape. :sweat: I have a long way to go to get back in Hiking shape. With that said, I didn't fall on my ass, although this Trip kicked my butt. In spite of the fatigue and the knee, I actually really enjoyed this Hike. With the exception of the road, and some distant gunfire, I had the place to myself and that was really nice. The Scenery was amazing and there were a lot of birds. I heard some Burros, but didn't see any on the Hike. I was very surprised that really, there is a Trail all the way up. It's hard to find in a few places up to that 2nd saddle, but someone has done a good job of Cairn placement, without overdoing it, so it was a pleasant surprise to do very little bushwacking and route finding.

I hit the Escape during the ebbing of the Golden Hour, so although I was done Hiking, I wasn't quite done. Driving out, I ran into some real asses and although the light was poor, I just had to stop and shoot them. I stopped again where the road crossed the water as the light there was still nice. After that, I went into town and had a nice Ribeye and trimmings for dinner. I've survived 57 years and lost a pound of fat on this day, I deserved it. Although my mind would like to be 40, my knees think I'm 65. So I'll have to be content at 57 for now. Cheers!

Way too many Photos...You'd think I would've learned by now. [-(
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There are a brave few out there.

dry Castle Creek Dry Dry
At the TH

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Four Tanks Canyon Pools to trickle Pools to trickle
Still a few small Pools left where the Trail crosses.
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