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AZTrail 18A-Whitford Canyon, AZ
mini location map2019-11-25
6 by photographer avatarmuskybankr
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AZTrail 18A-Whitford Canyon, AZ 
AZTrail 18A-Whitford Canyon, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 25 2019
Hiking7.11 Miles 870 AEG
Hiking7.11 Miles   3 Hrs   14 Mns   2.36 mph
870 ft AEG      13 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
1st trip
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AZ 18A-Whitford Canyon

After what seemed like months of planning, access road weather scares, and innumerable delays searching for hikers with 4WD vehicles, we finally started our assault on day hiking some parts of the AZ Trail from Passage 18 [Picketpost(mile 300) to somewhere around Passage 32 Flagstaff(mile 600)] with the most modest excursion from Picketpost to the first crossing of FR650, which on my GPS was 7.33 miles but is officially about 6.9 miles. Since my orienteering expert and his jeep can only be pried out of Alaska for short visits, this effort will take several years at our present rate of completion but perhaps they’ll haul an ounce of my ashes with them towards the end for a spiritual(?)-conquest. We owe the motivation for this project to “Snowshoe” who hiked the AZ Trail in April and previously did the Ice Age trail in WI forwards and backwards, which is where I think we met her.
We decided to do a key swap, which may be a tricky plan going forward when phones don’t work well deep in the Supes, but today it all worked well. Saw some better hikers out there, including Silver, who told us about all the water caches upstream as he was trying to make his way to that beer joint in Superior. Good luck, Silver. The trail was dry and in good shape throughout as was the access road. Some very cool rocks in Whitford Canyon of which I include one picture. We think this is a good idea whether or not we get to complete it.
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