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AZ Trail Superstion Wilderness 19C, AZ
mini location map2020-01-13
8 by photographer avatarmuskybankr
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AZ Trail Superstion Wilderness 19C, AZ 
AZ Trail Superstion Wilderness 19C, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 13 2020
Hiking6.60 Miles 522 AEG
Hiking6.60 Miles   2 Hrs   55 Mns   2.68 mph
522 ft AEG      27 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
1st trip
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After getting through Passage 18 on the Arizona Trail(Picketpost to Roger’s Trough), Passage 19, the Superstition Wilderness, looked like an even tougher challenge, particularly 19A and B, Roger’s Trough to Two Bar Ridge, so we thought we’d do 19C instead, which can be finessed by going from Cottonwood TH to Cemetery TH, which is what some of us did; the others came back after lunch(a very pleasant one at the Marina) and hiked the final leg from Roosevelt Bridge back to Cemetery. In this way, if FR83 into Cottonwood was passable we could use it with Campaign to finish off 19A and B, since Roger’s Trough, while the road in is not a great pleasure, is at least passable with Brian’s jeep. FR83 into Cottonwood TH, when dry, can probably be done with the family 4WD sedan, according to Phil, who has one. The condition of the road into Campaign TH remains a mystery for the moment, and with it our possible attack on 19 A and B.

We utilized our normal routine of misdirection and aimless wandering but finally discovered that the intersection of FR83 and Trail #120 at Cottonwood TH was obscured since the sign had fallen down. Our three musketeers fixed that(see photo) and the hike, while chilly(see photo) was short and pleasant enough. Kudos to the crew that moved this trail out of Cottonwood Creek and marked all the crossings with well built cairns(see photo). We saw no other hikers on 19C that wanted to pass the time of day with us. (The one we did see veered totally off the trail into the underbrush??) Likewise, lots of deer sign but no deer. FR341, which the AZ Trail uses to negotiate the final three miles or so of 19C to Cemetery TH, was recently bull dozed and seemed passable with the family sedan, not that there would be any point in doing so.

One final point of confusion. My Az topo map for my Garmin shows FR83 stopping about ½ mile from the actual Cottonwood TH. In fact, they actually intersect, although while not shown on the map, FR83 seems to have been rebuilt around a small rock slide that blocked the old road which may explain this confusion.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation None
One small macarantha hiding under a rock.
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