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mini location map2020-01-18
15 by photographer avatarWalworthjordyn
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Fraser - Randolph LoopGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 18 2020
Hiking10.30 Miles 1,027 AEG
Hiking10.30 Miles
1,027 ft AEG
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Did this loop counter-clockwise to get the off-trail done with first. What a pleasant trek Randolph Canyon was, just enough flowing water to not have to get your feet wet but also be able to enjoy the sound and solitude of the canyon. Hit Red Tanks, which felt like deja vu from a month ago when we did the super Red Tanks Loop. Not as much water there as there was but still flowing good! Hit the Coffee Flat Trail, which was rocky in some sections but not nearly as bad as Red Tanks. Woodbury was the most difficult one to follow but still not bad. Was really cool to see the JF ranch, which happens to be my maiden name initials too. We only saw one other truck at the Woodbury TH and followed the footprints for a good while.

What a fun day exploring some of the heart of the burns from the fire, good to see some growth and a lot of cacti that lived!

Time to start catching up on all my trips from the past few months too.
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