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Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary
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mini location map2022-09-06
7 by photographer avatarMike_W
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Margery Gallogly Nature SanctuaryWestern, NY
Western, NY
Hiking4.07 Miles 85 AEG
Hiking4.07 Miles   1 Hour   20 Mns   3.05 mph
85 ft AEG
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I did the one-way loop from the cemetery to the river. My Dad came along doing roughly a 2 mile roundtrip loop, then drove to pick me up near the river. If there was more time, I would have done a 7-8 mile roundtrip going back on some of the other trails. Temp was 71 degrees, 86% humidity. Overcast day. Extremely comfortable. Saw only one other person walking a dog the entire time. Also noticed that the town planted some new trees in some areas along the far Eastern parts of the trail.
Michael Williams
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