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18 Mile Creek Trails
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mini location map2022-09-10
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18 Mile Creek TrailsWestern, NY
Western, NY
Hiking5.25 Miles 575 AEG
Hiking5.25 Miles   2 Hrs      2.63 mph
575 ft AEG
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Instead of hiking the normal loop which I did last year around this time, I hiked down to the creek, hiked to the South branch, took that and kept traveling down the South branch to see how far I could go. After about 3.25 miles, I saw a faint steep trail leading up to the North rim of the creek. I followed this up, and then saw some 'Private Property' signs heading North. I turned and went East instead and followed a dirt road which took me to a railroad crossing with a bridge to the South crossing the creek. There was farmland to the North and East of this point and the road seemed to end here. So, to avoid walking on private property, I walked back down the road and found an extension going to the bottom of the creek, crossed the creek and hiked up the steep but short climb to the South rim. Once on top, I found a road called Belknap road which I followed South for 1/2 mile until I ran into Bley road. It was only about 500 feet from the creek to Belknap road. I turned left and walked to the bridge going over 18 mile creek which is about where I finished my hike.

I realized when I wrote the guide that there were ruins here. I found 2 chimney structures that were in the woods, off the trail, within the first 1/4 of the trail.
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