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Kaho'omoe 'Ihikaputani, HI
mini location map2022-11-03
12 by photographer avatarjohnlp
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Kaho'omoe 'Ihikaputani, HI 
Kaho'omoe 'Ihikaputani, HI
Hiking9.18 Miles 3,106 AEG
Hiking9.18 Miles   6 Hrs   14 Mns   1.58 mph
3,106 ft AEG      25 Mns Break
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1st trip
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Kaho'omoe 'Ihikaputani is a peak in the Ko'olau Range on the island of Oahu. I began my journey at the Moanalua Valley TH. At 1.7 miles, I hiked up a connector trail to the Tripler Ridge trail. From there just follow the trail up to the peak at ~4.5 miles.
I bought some microspikes the day before so I could hike the muddy trails with some confidence. It rained the day before my hike and started raining hard not long after I got going. By mile 2 I was completely soaked.
The Tripler Ridge trail past the connector is overgrown, narrow, muddy and steep. Most every step, it seemed, must be planned and executed to prevent a fall. A fall in the last mile of trail could be fatal. Be careful and you'll be fine. There are ropes to help in the steepest muddy sections. Exciting and beautiful.
The summit was in the clouds so no views like two days prior. Ate quite a few guavas on the return. Yum. Challenging and rewarding hike. :)
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