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End of the Road, HI
mini location map2022-11-04
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End of the Road, HI 
End of the Road, HI
Hiking10.90 Miles 1,369 AEG
Hiking10.90 Miles
1,369 ft AEG
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1st trip
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The Moanalua Valley trail splits three ways about 3 miles from the trailhead. I wanted to take one of the two branches I haven't yet hiked.
I keep hiking from here because it is only 10 minutes from where I'm staying. My time limit wouldn't allow me to hike all the way to the end, but at least I figured out which trail goes where. My hike yesterday went by a connector trail with an "End of the Road" sign. My hike today verified both ends.
I began hiking along the Moanalua Stream on the Moanalua Valley trail until the trail split at mile 3.8. I kept going straight, but that trail soon became very faint and overgrown, so I back tracked and took the right fork. After a short distance this trail left the valley and started ascending steeply through a forest of guava trees. A strong indication I was on the End of the Road trail.
Once I got on the first ridgeline with a view, I called it quits and returned. Good exploratory hike.
Stats include 3-mile granddaughter hike. :)
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