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Pu'ukawipo'o, HI
mini location map2022-11-08
13 by photographer avatarjohnlp
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Pu'ukawipo'o, HI 
Pu'ukawipo'o, HI
Hiking8.47 Miles 2,303 AEG
Hiking8.47 Miles
2,303 ft AEG
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1st trip
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This was my last hike in Hawaii on my babysitting visit. The kids spent a lot of time locked in the closet. :lol: Pu'ukawipo'o is a peak accessed via the Aiea Loop and Aiea Ridge trails.
Following a morning visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial, I set out for Pu'ukawipo'o. The Aiea Ridge trail is clearer than any of the other ridge trails I hiked on Oahu. But, the further in and up you go the thinner and more overgrown the trail gets.
The flora in this area is a bit different than the other trails in the Moanalua Valley vicinity I hiked. I only saw two other hikers once I left the loop trail. Had a nice chat with one local young man.
Another fun hike in Hawaii. :)
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[ checklist ]  'ohi'a lehua
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