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Houston Brothers Trail to Aspen Spring
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Houston Brothers Trail to Aspen SpringPayson, AZ
Payson, AZ
Hiking3.00 Miles 300 AEG
Hiking3.00 Miles
300 ft AEG
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Took my brother Michael and his girlfriend Dawna (visiting from Maine) on this hike today. And it reminded them of Maine with all the pines. They were blown away that you can drive a couple of hours from Phoenix and go from desert to forest. They wanted something easy and scenic so this nice little trail and perfect weather filled our requirements. We accessed the TH from FR 139A off FR 95 just after you cross East Clear Creek and Houston Draw (formerly I believe it said Morgan Draw)and parked near access to the Fred Haught Trail. We started at the sign for Pinchot Cabin and then onto the Houston Brothers trail all along the way we spotted a variety of wildflowers...some wild roses, Rocky Mountain irises, yellow columbine, lupine and deer's ears. I haven't been on this trail since 2005 and when we arrived at Aspen Spring, we saw that the old outhouse that was once here is now gone although the fireplace and corral building were still intact. The spring was flowing nicely. Someone camped here last night and LEFT A HOT FIRE GOING IN THE FIREPIT which really is totally irresponsible and really peeved me. It was quite windy today and red hot sparks were flying everywhere, not to mention there was still a HUGE piece of wood still smoking in the pit. There is water in a creek not 100 feet from the pit so I went down to the creek 4-5 times and filled up an empty ziploc bag from my pack and put the fire out. We brought the smoking piece of wood to the creek and put it out there.

Met some fellow HAZers, Tim & Carolyn, at Aspen Spring who were continuing on down Houston Brothers. Nice to meet you both!

This was a terrific day hiking under the pines with my family.
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"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds" Ed Abbey

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