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Flatiron Hike - Superstitions
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Flatiron Hike - SuperstitionsPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking5.85 Miles 2,780 AEG
Hiking5.85 Miles
2,780 ft AEG
1st trip
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In case you don't get through all this babbling to see my edit let me suggest that you wear gloves after you get through the draw. It truly will make your climb more pleasant as you find yourself hugging and using rocks to get yourself both up and down.

This was a journey with that was supposed to be a Ridgeline hike for some and Flatiron for others. As it turned out, it was Flatiron for all, along with Peak 5024 for a few.

We started around 7:15AM. The trek to the saddle above Siphon Draw was what I expected and we made pretty good time as I didn't stop very often to take pictures :o since I had done that route 4 or 5 times previously. My legs felt good and I was looking forward to the rest of the experience down from the saddle and up to the "temptress", the Flatiron. I wanted to do this trek by the time I was 50... oh well, better late than never.

Thanks to the guidance of Randy and John, this climb after climb after climb, though hard, was made fun by their levity, sense of humor, encouragement and of course my burning desire :gun: . I was so ready for this. The climb is longer and more straight up than I anticipated. I found that if I just trudged ahead and didn't look up, the climb didn't seem as long. It is definitely a heart stopper as my body was certainly willing but I found myself having to catch my breath... oh, and take a picture ;) .

The reveal was also like Devil's Bridge when all of a sudden you're there. In this case instead of looking in front of me I looked to the right :bigth: . What a beautiful site. There she was, the "temptress" in all her famed glory. So I switched the camera to movie mode and off we went.

We went over to the south side first and then out to the western edge where the weather changed to hail :o but only for a couple minutes. The weather had been ominous all day. The boys said they ordered snow but this was the best Mother Nature could come up with at the time. :D Today was one of those wait 5 minutes and the weather will change as we experienced rain off and on. Fortunately the clouds were such that it wasn't a hazy grey day so the pictures turned out pretty good. We did the requisite "wendy" and group photos.

Dave, who had hiked ahead of us, joined us for our trek to Peak 5024. You go back to the Flatiron intersection and then off to the NE. 3 of us went one way and Randy went the other but we all made it to the top for some more incredible views. You could see Weavers Needle, 4 Peaks, Black Mesa, 1st Water Trailhead, snipets of Saguaro & Canyon Lake, & Superstition Mtn among other landmarks. It was simply FAB!

On the way back to the Flatiron intersection, we had to do some squeezing and manuevering to come back the way Randy had gone up. We were making our way down from the Flatiron intersection when we heard someone yelling from the top. It was Todd :A1: who had Linda with him. Linda was going to turn back when they were just coming up the Siphon Draw Trail but with his encouragement and promise to get her to the top & then her perseverance : rambo : , they had made it and were now coming back down. We waited for them and had hugs all around for Linda before making our way again.

The off and on rain had made the trek down very slippery in parts; especially the basin Draw. :-({|= That thing is hard enough to get down when it's dry let alone when it's wet. We ended up having to shimmy/slide down on our tush with one foot planted in the crevice on the south (left) side. There was no standing/walking in this area until you got to the more flat surface where you could carefully stand.

Dave and I had made it down first so we went up on a side ridge so that I could take movies as the others came down. It was quite a show by other hikers as they slid down and then Randy and John. John was so funny as after his hard slide, he threw a Wendy. : app : I have it on video. By the time the last two of our goup came down, it was pretty dry and the sun started to come out.

After pointing out "El Gato" to everyone, the rest of the hike was almost uneventful except for 2 things: we saw a white cross behind the crown of "El Gato" and to the east of the Crying Dinousaur and then John noticed climbers on the Dinosaur. It was a great hike, my body felt suprisingly good.... until Sunday morning. My quads, oh my gosh, they hurt. The pain is finally subsiding on Tues and s/b gone by Wed... just in time for my session with my trainer :) . And Kat, now you're off the hook. :D

Edit 11/19/2009 Gloves are a good thing to have as rock hugging/holding will come into play here and there.

Edit 01/29/2011 Videos little walking toward Siphon Draw, walking on the back of the Flatiron to the back southeast end of the Flatiron.
from the Flatiron, a couple shots from 5029, watching people inch down part of the Basin in the Draw as it was wet
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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