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Mohave Connector Trail #202, AZ

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Phx Mtn Loop
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Squaw Twobit Loop
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Mohave Trail #200
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Phoenix Mountains Medley
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Phoenix Mountains Medley
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Mohave Trail #200
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Mohave Trail #200
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Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Phx Mtn Loop
There was finally some rain in the forecast that was coming into the valley around 8-9pm. So Chumley and I met over by Squaw Peak and decided to make the Circ Loop and extended it around to the Quartz Trail. The first 5+ miles were dry but we could see rain off to the west. It slowly worked its way over to us and started raining as we hiked back on the Mohave Connector Trail. The skies opened and a solid rain fell. Flashes of lightning illuminated the area which was really cool and not scary. We completed the loop and were soaked even with rain gear. Felt great hiking in the rain again!
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Phx Mtn Loop
As it looked more and more promising that magic sky water would actually fall, I decided I wanted to be outside to enjoy what would apparently amount to mostly just a 1-2 hour frontal passage. It seemed to be lingering out in western AZ, so I decided to wait a while for a late start in hopes of catching the rain.

We were still mostly early. The night was great anyway. Low clouds and city lights eliminated the need for headlamps. It was 75 degrees at 8pm on January 10. There was a very nice breeze.

As hoped however, the front finally arrived with fierce winds, a couple of too-close-for-comfort lightning strikes, driving rain, running water, puddles, and all around good times. Managed to get back to the parking lot after wading through a few shallow rivers and captured the requisite selfie. Somehow the parking lots were totally empty.

I will never understand why people here bitch about the lack of rain all the time and yet don't take advantage of it when it actually happens.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Pulled in to the 32nd street TH about 430 for an afternoon jaunt. I put this loop together a bit on the fly to add up a few trails in the Preserve I had not been on before. My GPS track left off a little chunk for some reason, so I adjusted the stats a bit. I took the 8A to the 8B, and then up the Mohave Ridgeline. I was expecting all off trail for this bit, but there was a use trail for a very good portion of this. Great little ridgeline, packs a lot of punch for such a short trail. I connected up with the Mohave trail and up, and then circled back around the 202 connector. The rain started just as I had gotten on the return leg, and it became a downpour very shortly thereafter. Got out my rain jacket to keep my pack dry, by the time I made it back to the truck there was a good 2-3" of flowing water on the trail. Good stuff! Too bad the rain did not make it up to my house, but it was certainly nice to be out in it, even if my boots are soaked through for a few days.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Took my 3H hiking buddy Linda out this morning for an early start on the Mohave Short Loop. 6AM, no problem finding a parking space in the Squaw Peak lot. Loads of elevation gain, almost as much as Squaw Peak without a line of people. Parking lot mayhem when we finished the hike. Great temps and views this morning. Forgot to replace my camera memory card after after yesterday's Goat Camp hike, so no pictures.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Squaw Twobit Loop
Needed to be home noonish, so I worked up this loop to get in a few miles, a bit of AEG and to hit some new trails.

A 6:45 start had me as the 2nd car in the 40th St. lot, with temps in the high 30's. I made my way over to the west side of the Circumference Trail. I saw just a few people, until I hit the Summit Trail. I saw all types climbing to the top, including Darth Vader. Also, I think there was a Yoga convention in town.

All the trails on the east side were new to me. Mohave, Mohave Connector, Quartz Ridge, LV Yates. These took me over to 2429 trail, or Twobit as it's now signed. This trail was almost as busy as the Piestewa Summit trail.

A fun little hike in perfect weather.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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This may be my new favorite hike, and even on a weekend. #8A was very busy until the #8B fork, which I had done in the past. I chose to continue on #8A and it was glorious. Down into the flats, through a wash, and wide open. Until I hit 100 I saw barely anyone. 100 and 1A were as expected, but VOAZ is a great hillside trek with lots to see along the way despite its short distance. I hooked in with the circumference trail running on and off, then used the PP Rd to link to Mohave. Another good trail though much easier to get lost or take wrong turns. I used it to link back to my original #8A and to the 32nd street lot.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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The Mohave loop is one of my FAVORITES in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve! Been too long since I've done the full loop. I was having such a great time today that I didn't want to stop so I jumped on the 304 Nature Trail and took that up and over and connected to the Freedom/Circumference trail to return to the parking lot.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Preserve Loop
I went for a walk, up the 202, down the 8A to 8B, then the nature loop to A1, which was confusing and not fun to have dead end up against SR 51, or at least according to the sign, continued on a confusing section with old A1 signs, and eventually found 302, which I took to 300 and then that down to the car. No summit, as it was getting dark by that time.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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CCW loop starting from the 32nd st TH. My first time being here on a weekday so it was also my first time actually finding a spot in the parking lot. Only a few other cars there. A little weird actually seeing these trails fairly empty. I started after 1pm and was thinking it'd be really hot, but the cloud cover and breeze kept it nice.

When I was on the 200 trail I saw a nasty looking black and red beetle (which I now know is a brittlebush beetle) crossing the trail, so I stopped to try and take a picture of it when another one flew onto my shirt. Well I looked over and 3 or 4 brittlebushes right next to me were CRAWLING with these things. Like dozens of them on each bush. Really weird as I saw dozens and dozens of brittlebushes today, and these were the only ones that had these things on them.

I sprained my big toe a few days ago and this was my first hike since then. My toe felt almost back to normal and it was smooth sailing until halfway through the 202 trail I stubbed my toe on a rock again. It hurt so bad I just had to stop for a few minutes and let the pain subside. I limped my way back to the TH...thankfully I only had about a mile left.

Not much going on.
Mohave Connector Trail #202
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Phoenix Preserves Loop
Took my girlfriend here to do a little easier version of the loop I did last weekend. Started from the 32nd st and Lincoln TH. 8A :next: 8B :next: 304 :next: 302 :next: 200 :next: 202. The summit trail was packed as always, but not a whole lot of people on the other trails. Pretty warm out there, but the wind kept it nice.

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Map Drive
Paved - Car Okay

To hike
From the West this trail is accessed via Mohave Trail #200

From the East this trail is accessed via Quartz Ridge Trail #8A
32nd Street & Lincoln is the closest trailhead via 8A.
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