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Waldron TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 10 2010
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I was able to park at the gate for Horsethief Tank...only .7 miles to Waldron Trail sign from there (make sure to go right at that trailhead sign). **Parking area was tough to find...ended up at the treatment plant first, backtracked to a large pile of fill dirt in a lot and found the road to the 2 space parking lot beyond that (less than 2 miles west).

Rather uneventful day overall. I think this trail is quite a bit easier than top 1/3 of Hermit and highly recommend if doing a Santa Maria or Dripping Springs day hike. I was the ONLY one on this trail (Sunday), but once I hit Hermit, I saw folks every few minutes.

The biggest disappointment was the voluminous helicopter traffic that seem to NEVER END. Think the copters from the airport basically follow the park boundary which is not to far south.

The NPS trail description said it was a "historic" site and not muck with anything. Disappointingly, I couldn't find anything historic; however I did stay on trail.

I continued on to Santa Maria Springs.
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