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mini location map2015-05-02
12 by photographer avatarclairebear
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Waldron TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar May 02 2015
Hiking6.27 Miles 1,667 AEG
Hiking6.27 Miles
1,667 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Someone needed Waldron Trail as part of his quest for Unique Hike Domination.
It was fun. The first part is level and wooded. I saw lots of bones off the trail- tough times for wild animals.
Once at the edge of the rim the trail descends in gradual switchbacks which open into awesome views of the canyon. At the bottom of Waldron we hiked up a ways to a cliff that provides an awesome vista for more inspiring views.- Canyon for miles and miles :D.

The rest of the day included some more exploration on the rim. We filled our water up at the densely populated campground. After checking out the Tusayan Ruins( unique?- check) I made 9L enjoy a scenic beverage with me at Moran Point before heading back to set up camp.
Fun times at the Gargantuan Crack
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