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Tortilla-Fish Mesa
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mini location map2011-03-04
8 by photographer avatarJonnybackpack
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Tortilla-Fish MesaPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Backpack avatar Mar 04 2011
Backpack7.00 Miles 1,490 AEG
Backpack7.00 Miles
1,490 ft AEG
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Wanted some easy adventure and this is my go to area. Had a full day of work friday so I knew this was going to be a night hike. Talked my friend Ray to go on his first overnighter and it would help relieve the spookiness of the Supes at night :scared: Got to the trail head at 7:00pm and I decided to try and muscle up the worst road in AZ. NO AVAIL! If you dont have a 4x4 bad pumpkin kicking rig, walk from the parking lot! The moon was no where to be seen, and the stars, though bright, weren't enough to help. So by headlamp we meandered to the old trail-head/wilderness boundary. Being Ray's first real adventure, a few "what was that sound" checks were needed. Glowing eyes were in them hills! So I kept the schnauzer close, told Ray to man up :lol: and got us to a camp I have used before. We had a few kind bars, Odell IPA, and awesome conversation.

We awoke at 6 and Ray got his first glimpse of the dubbed "HOLY TREE" A lone juniper on Fish Mesa. I have this odd obsession the tree and needed to spend time with it :D . So we booked it off trail through the nastiest desert terrain you can find. The distance is a bit deceiving , so Ray decided to sit on a high ridge and watch me go insane through the dawn up the next slope. 6:45 (10 minutes till sunrise) I admitted defeat, and realized I wasn't going to make the tree in time for sunrise. The tree won. I booked it to a great Fish Creek overlook and enjoyed the amazing desert sunrise.

On the way out Raymond discovered why good hiking shoes are important. I felt so bad watching him waddle and wince in pain for 3.5 miles. To his credit he is one tuf SOB and didn't complain!
I'll see you soon Holy tree, very soon ;) .
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