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Pete Mountain and Mt Hopkins Loop, AZ
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Pete Mountain and Mt Hopkins Loop, AZ 
Pete Mountain and Mt Hopkins Loop, AZ
Hiking Aug 27 2011
Hiking8.85 Miles 4,212 AEG
Hiking8.85 Miles   8 Hrs   10 Mns   1.66 mph
4,212 ft AEG   2 Hrs   51 Mns Break
1st trip
Led another adventure for the Alt-Hiking Meetup. Had perfect attendance which was very cool since 12 people signed up. One person ended up not feeling pretty good so they hiked on their own. The rest of us did a look going up the very steep Vault Mine Trail to Agua Caliente Saddle.

From the saddle, we used a route to get over to Pete Mountain. The route was overgrown with flowers - so we had to do a lot of pumpkin! I was in the lead and nearly stepped on a Mojave. After that I used by poles to poke in the bush ahead just in case.... After enjoying Pete Mountain, we returned to Agua Caliente saddle.

Then we followed another very steep route up a ridge to gain access to the road that leads to Mt. Hopkins. We waited to regroup on Mt. Hopkins and enjoyed the view. Then we went down to the "picnic" area and had cokes from the pop machine and our lunches.

After lunch we walked down the road to a route that goes to the Agua Caliente Trail. I think everyone thought I was crazy when I walked up to the guard rail and then indicated that our trail was on the other side. We we on the Agua Caliente trail briefly and then we then took an old route that leads down to the Carrie Nation Mine trail and to the cars.

We decided that at times this felt harder then last weeks 4 Springs Loop with Mt Wrightson. However, I am definitely not as tired as I after that hike.

Overall the group did well considering one person mentioned that they normally did the "easy" hikes and another person was a runner who didn't really hike much. Oh the joys of Meetup!
Wildflowers Observation Moderate

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