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Idaho Trailhead to The MaskPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 15 2012
Hiking4.54 Miles 500 AEG
Hiking4.54 Miles   2 Hrs   30 Mns   1.82 mph
500 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Saw this hike and thought there were some pretty cool pictures and no one had logged it in over a year so....what the heck! It's just up the road from where we live and my husband wanted to scope it out for hunting too!

We were out before sun up as usual. I had downloaded the GPS route (sventre's) so onward we went. When we dropped down into the second wash and starting following it (as the hike description says to), my husband didn't like being down where he couldn't watch for deer so we climbed up the East side and got up high on the hill. We scrambled North following the GPS route roughly, just not on the trail.

Once we got to FR 10 we crossed and dropped into the wash. No more going the high ground route! Lol! Thank goodness! We found a few pools of water and lots of deer tracks but no deer. Oh well, my goal was The Mask anyway :)

The climb up to the mask wasn't bad at all. Took us just a few minutes to climb from the wash up but boy was I glad we had the GPS route to show us where it was or I would have never spotted it! Thank you sventre whomever you are :)

On the way back out we stuck to the trail and made it back to the car in 50 minutes! Phew, I was ready for the easy way!
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