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Supersition loop hike - first water TH, AZ
mini location map2012-03-09
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Supersition loop hike - first water TH, AZ 
Supersition loop hike - first water TH, AZ
Backpack avatar Mar 09 2012
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Three of us from MN took a four night backpack loop starting at First Water TH. Spent two nights at the first campsite near Boulder Canyon and Second Water, then day-hiked down Boulder Canyon toward Canyon Lake and back. Boulder Creek was mostly bone dry - but some deeper pools were persisting. Stayed at a great site with a killer view near Boulder and Needle Canyons. Solitary too! Wandered over Yellow Mesa on the Black Mesa trail and spent a final night in Garden Valley under some Palo Verdes. Encountered a rattlesnake near there - hiding along-side the trail. He missed us!
It's a harsh paradise, compared to the BWCAW in MN, but we'll be back. Gotta love it in March.
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