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Battle Axe Butte 3,531 - Teapot Mtn Quad
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Battle Axe Butte 3,531 - Teapot Mtn QuadGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 13 2013
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Hiking1.96 Miles
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Every year for my birthday, I like to go on an adventure to a place I've wanted to go for a long time. Recent birthday events have included climbing Weaver's Needle and visiting The Wave. Earlier this year when Wendy and I spent a night on The Spine, we visited the artesian well and I looked up at Battle Axe and knew that this would be my birthday present to myself.

I had to work at the Superior Eco-Tourism Fest on my actual birthday, so I planned on hiking it sometime the week before. I contacted JuanJaime to see if he was interested, and we found a day that worked for both of us. I thought it would be a good idea for him to get a preview of the Grand Enchantment Trail and was excited when he said he'd never seen the area before.

This is one of my favorite places in all of Arizona, the striped cliffs, the artesian well, and the toothy ridge of Battle Axe. I have admired it for years and have countless pictures of it from all directions. It is on the old Arizona Trail route and when I hiked through here in 2008, it was covered with so many wildflowers that they completely covered the trail.

We parked at a spot that I'd camped in 2008 and made our way up the ridge. I told JJ that it was going to be a little different pace than he was used to because I require silly things like breaks and water. He was more than gracious and patient. As we neared the first scramble, the scenery got ever more interesting.

JJ sped through the scramble, I went a little too far right and had to backtrack. There are plenty of ledges to hike up and the brush isn't too bad. We saw the spire from Mark's description and headed for the chute to the right of it. The slickrock chute was great and then we followed along the wall toward the saddle. The whole route was a lot more stable than I'd expected.

We reached the saddle with great views to the south and took a minute to look at the route. JJ was able to scramble straight up from the saddle on the ridgeline and I followed. I carefully picked my way along the jumble of white rock. To my left was a massive sheer drop, so I tried not to look that way. We reached a spot that gave me pause. To get across it, I had to climb up over one of the ridgeline rocks and lower myself down onto a small catwalk to get across. Fortunately, JJ found a way to lessen the exposure by climbing down and around instead of all the way across. Still a move that got my heart moving.

Once past the catwalk, it was smooth sailing to the summit. We signed in the small, rarely used register and took what was probably JJ's longest break ever. The views from the top were spectacular! I was so excited to be atop Battle Axe- something I never thought I would do 5 years ago, looking up at it from my campsite on the AZT. I showed JJ where the GET route he would be hiking went and eyed up peaks to hike in the future.

The scramble down was no problem at all and we went back through the chute near the spire and down to the ledges. We stuck to the ridgeline on the way back and found two large cairns. In no time at all we were back to the trailhead. Afterward we drove up Battle Axe Rd for a bit. Never get tired of this area, always more to explore! Great meeting and hiking with the legendary JJ :D

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