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Mummy Lode
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mini location map2013-03-02
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Mummy LodePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 02 2013
Hiking5.02 Miles 2,479 AEG
Hiking5.02 Miles   3 Hrs   51 Mns   1.50 mph
2,479 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
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It was my goal to explore access to Mummy Mountain via two streets that bordered the public preserve, rather than via the private Camelback Inn.

So I started at the cul de sac on 56th Street. (See my GPS track from today.) The dirt road that continues south is not blocked, but I thought that parking there would just draw unwanted attention to myself. The cul de sac itself has a hydrant and a single no parking sign, and I sort of wondered if in PV that one sign would extend the restricted parking for a mile or more? But I parked on the side of the road a hundred yards away and began making my way up the mountain. After gaining a bit of elevation, it was clear that home closest to the cul de sac was vacant and had been for some time. So at least for now, that's one neighbor that won't be calling the cops!

I was a little short on time, so I decided to skip the north peak altogether and headed up 2233 right away. I chose a route to the east of my previous ascent and really enjoyed it. It was much more difficult and featured several good climbing moves along the way.

Next, I climbed the big outcrop rock in the saddle between 2233 and Mummy peak which was also all sorts of fun!

On the east ridge, I chose more challenging routes again, and did plenty of climbing. This mountain really provides terrain for fun if you want to get your hands and feet working together! A red-tailed hawk put on an air show for me and I spent a good 10 minutes just enjoying watching him soar above and around me.

At the end of the ridge, I had a bite to eat, and ducked behind the ridge as some homeowners arrived and drove past me and into their garage. There were lots of lizards running around today, and it made me a bit leery of the potential for snakes. It was over 80, and that is usually when I begin to get extra cautious -- and this hike features enough blind hand holds and grassy steps that snake potential is definitely a concern.

From the peak I wanted to check out the access to Cheney Drive so instead of returning the way I had come, I descended the northwest ridge. Wow! This section was an absolute blast! It was very challenging and I think I would have loved climbing up this route. The rock in the mountain runs in a northeast-southwest pattern and the route takes you directly perpendicular to the "grain" of the mountain. So there are neat downclimbs and natural switchbacks.

In one chute I was happy to notice a swarm of bees around a hole in the base of the rock. A very obvious and very large active nest! This was in a tight little spot and I had no desire to pass it since I would be closer than I preferred. Getting around below it required a sketchy downclimb, so I backtracked a bit and passed around the hive from above before continuing down the ridge.

I checked the map and stayed on the public perserve land until reaching the end of Cheney Road. There are signs all along the road indicating private property, no trespassing, etc. and for the most part they are accurate. However, at the end of the road and up the mountain from there, it's part of the public preserve. When the signs were placed, that land may very well have been private but it's not anymore. If you go this way however, do your own research, don't take my word for it. I am comfortable with the land ownership, but the signs are clear and numerous, so you better be comfortable with it too, because it wouldn't surprise me at all if you had to argue this one with authorities.

This neighborhood is great, and there are lots of people out and about. I passed dozens of people out walking, running, and biking. But I'm sure they don't want tons of cars parked everywhere and people hiking all over their back yards, so a little tact and politeness probably goes a long way.

But it was another awesome day on the Mummy!
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