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South Kaibab Trail
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mini location map2011-05-15
23 by photographer avatarKwaiChang
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South Kaibab TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar May 15 2011
Hiking7.00 Miles 4,790 AEG
Hiking7.00 Miles   7 Hrs      1.00 mph
4,790 ft AEG
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Calibration hike done - damage? One blister each - wussies!!! :doh:

Used the Hikers Shuttle to ferry ourselves over to the South Kiabab trailhead. Saw some really HUGE elk wandering through the Grand Canyon Village - glad I was in the bus! ;)

What a cool feeling standing at the trailhead - 13+ months of preparation and planning finally all coming together. :y: We exchange cameras with other folks as we all take pixs of each other before we dip below the rim. Even though technically we had been below the rim yesterday this seems like the real deal. As we begin down the switchbacks it hits me that this is going to take forever to get to the bottom. Why? Pix. My buddy Matt is taking pix like there is no tomorrow - before exiting on the North Rim he will take just north of 1600 images! :o

We trek our way down and then BAM! The Stink! The Horror! MULE POO! Not as much mule pee but loads and loads of mule poo - UGH! :scared: I begin to rapidly understand why some people avoid the corridor trails and now knowing this I believe this will be my future plans too. Stoopid me I was under the impression that the SK was closed to the stinky beasts. Not only was the supply line running for Phantom but there were several groups of people riding the trails. Sorry folks but color me as one of the people whom is adamantly opposed to the Mules. They pee, poo and GRIND the trail into dust. This is helpful how????

At any rate we make our way to Oh Ah point - OH AH indeed! 8) I lie prone on one of the rocks and gaze down the canyon to the east - what a cool view. I lay there for quite awhile until 2 young ladies arrive and ask if I will take their pix for them. One thing I gotta say - if yer single it seems like the Canyon is a great pick up spot!!! Never did I see so many seemingly single hot looking females hiking either alone or with another hot looking female!!! Wow!!! :GB: Ladies?? YOU ROCK!!! :worthy:

As we head down towards Cedar Ridge my buddy turns and asks if I am throwing stones at his ankle. I am thinking OK - the views are overwhelming him and he is losing his mind. No he assures me that it feels like something it tapping him on the back of his ankle. Not a good sign. He continues down to Cedar Ridge. We arrive at Cedar ridge and I am blown away by another observation - the foot ware of people whom have hiked down this far - I see sneakers, open toed designer sandals, flip flops and then the people who seem to have a brain, hiking shoes/boots.

As we hang at Cedar - taking pix what else? - I strike up a conversation with a woman who was part of a guided Ranger tour from the rim to Cedar. She inquires of our plans and I tell her we are planning on going to Phantom - staying two nites then hiking out to the North Rim, staying two nites then hiking back down the NK and up Bright Angel in one day. She is alllll over this. Immediately she starts to ask how much to stay at Phantom? Mind you this woman has next to no water, a small backpack with very little as far as provisions go. Now it seems she has decided that you need to do something crazy in life (aka stoopid in my opinion) ](*,) and she is asking if she can hike down with Matt and I. I look at him, he looks at me and I say well ya might want to check with the Ranger over there and see what he says. I tell her that I have heard that if you do not have a room that the rangers basically make you leave the area and head towards the rim. Dunno if that is true but she as heck I didn't need no head case, middle age crisis whack job on my conscious! :yuck:

Thankfully common sense kicks in and she decides well - maybe not a good idea. Matt and I continue down to Skeleton. Again - Matt says ya know something is going on with my ankle - it just feels funny - NOT GOOD! Little did I know. We get to Skeleton - enjoy the views and then make our way to the tip off. We availed ourselves the use of the facilities and then headed down the tip off. While going down I am noticing that Matt is heavily favoring his ankle.....since we seem to stop just about every 100 to 150 yards and take pix I really didn't pick up on it as I am either looking down at my feet to see where those lil bad boys are going next or soaking up the awesome views. What really impressed me the most were the drop offs and exposure situations that we encountered on the way down. Wow just way cool. I am normally a person who really doesn't handle heights very well but for some reason this didn't bother me very much. The views were top notch - sadly a million images cannot convey what my eyes and brain processed. I really need to keep coming here as much as I can. :DANCE:

We reach the River Trail sign and trudge over to the Black Bridge. I begin to realize that I was not eating enough - I drank enough but my energy is waning big. We make our way over the bridge - again awesome views up. I feel bad for the people who will never see this sight. Still do not like the MULES tho!! We begin to make our way to Phantom - I am a history whore so I am stopping at the old Indian sites and soaking up all the info. We walk past the campground and I am shocked by this oasis at the bottom of the Canyon!! Awesome! Finally we locate the cantina and check in. We stagger over to the dorm - claim our bunks and then head back over to the cantina for some Tecate's! : app :

We met some real nice people at the cantina. Spoke with a guide - now I do not know if he was trying to justify his pay but he was seriously blown away that Matt and I were hiking out the NK in one day and even more blown away that we were going to do the rim to rim in one day. I kinda agreed with him on the rim to rim as I know that is a little ambitious but the hike out the NK in one day? Hmmmmm I guess we would find out.

First real hike into the Canyon - damage?

Me - blisters on both ankles, 3 blisters on the toes and a toe jam on the big toe. Oh toe nail, I did like you!

Matt - blisters on both ankles, toe jam on his big toe - much worse than mine, some blisters on his toes and the kicker - a sprained Achilles tendon! Fricking boots!!!!!

More to follow.........River trail next....
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