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Armer Mountain Loop with Tanner Mountain, AZ
mini location map2013-07-13
15 by photographer avatarThe_Eagle
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Armer Mountain Loop with Tanner Mountain, AZ 
Armer Mountain Loop with Tanner Mountain, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 13 2013
Hiking12.12 Miles 3,828 AEG
Hiking12.12 Miles   9 Hrs   25 Mns   1.78 mph
3,828 ft AEG   2 Hrs   36 Mns Break16 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Joe's turn to pick.... He gave me 3 choices to pick from. I picked this one, which I find out later was an after thought. This one is an addition to the Armer Mountain hike that famed HAZ'er, Preston the Yetti wrote up.

The climb up was not as bad as I'd expected, based on the previous trip reports. (Although I would recommend at least long pants.) It does follow an old logging road, that has long since grown over, but not all that bad to follow. This compared to what was to come later in the hike. Follow the grade, go around the growth where required to get back into the old road, and you'll be to the top in no time.

Your first spectacular views start at the 2.25 mile mark prior to reaching the Armer Peak. Wow

Once on top of Armer Mountain, we spent 20 or so minutes looking for any sign of the C-47 that crashed up there in 1951. I had conflicting information on its location. We checked areas west of Armer peak.

Next it was time to start our off trail adventures. Off to Tanner Peak. The climb up was not as daunting as it looked. When you get to the actual Peak, continue to the North for 20 or so yards. Probably some of the best views in the entire Sierra Ancha's. You have more that a 270 degree view from up there! Here we had lunch in one of the top lunch spots ever!

We dropped down Tanner and made our way up to the ridge line that connects 7231, 7142 and a lesser peak. The views once again were wundabah. Parts of this ridge line have burned in the past. The farther north we got on the ridge line, the thicker it got. There was remnants of an old trail that covered this ridge line. In spots there was a worn track and we found a couple 2' tall cairns buried under the Manzanita.

Now it was time to make our descent off the ridge line. We blasted through a couple hundred yards of Manzanita and dropped 800' in a half mile over a scree field grown up with Thistle and Foxtails, until we hit an old overgrown road. In the process I slipped gently coming down and used my hand to catch my slip. I was confused for a bit when I was not able to pick my hand up, finding that I'd impaled myself on a small burned branch.

From here we just decided to walk the old road to 188, and then back to the car.

On this hike I got used as a human shield twice...aka, let's play hide behind the old guy.
Once when Joe saw the Bear/Cow, and once when he heard a gun shot off in the distance.
Good to know who your friends are.

Most of this hike should go in the book.
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