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See Canyon TH - Highline - Rim Loop, AZ
mini location map2013-09-03
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See Canyon TH - Highline - Rim Loop, AZ 
See Canyon TH - Highline - Rim Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 03 2013
Hiking11.00 Miles 1,800 AEG
Hiking11.00 Miles   7 Hrs      1.57 mph
1,800 ft AEG
1st trip
Started at the See Canyon #184 Trailhead:
Highline Trail #31 east for about 2.5 mi.
Drew #291 north for about 1 mi.
FR 9350 west to Gen. Crook Trail west for about 4 miles
See Canyon Trail south 3.5 miles to complete the loop

Left Mesa in t-storm but arrived at the See Canyon Trailhead (SCTH at the end of FR 184 just north of the village of Christopher Creek) with beautiful cloud-free skies and temp just under 70F. Found no signs identifying trails at the TH, but after exploring, found that you needed to catch the trail out of the southeast corner of the parking lot in order to get on the Highline and not be above it - that route brings you right onto the Highline past an intersection for the See Canyon trail on your left. Crossed Christopher Creek (i.e., the creek, not the village :) ) and found the more aggressive inclines on the Highline to be wet, muddy and slick from very recent rains - two steps up and one slide back, if you know what I mean. In these sections, we carried about a pound of mud on each boot - I mean, hey, let's give those legs a real workout! But soon got to the Drew trail. It's in good condition except that the last long switchback seems to go east forever. But once you make the turn back west, it's a much shorter walk to the rim. Then followed the FR that goes by the upper Drew TH, past the first closure point and on to the next closure point. Hang a left there (don't turn right and follow the Willow trail - I think that is what it was labeled) and you should be on the Gen Crook trail that is marked by silver chevrons nailed to the trees. This will take you all the way See Canyon TH. About a mile from the Upper SCTH, clouds began to set in - nothing threatening, just some welcome shade. Once you get to the Upper TH you'll say, "Only 3.5 miles to go to the car and a nice lunch in Payson." Yea, sure. Upper parts of SCT are rocky and steep. We found it slow going and we way underestimated the time to hike down. But we did finally make it down (obviously :) ). This beautiful canyon looks like a jungle in places - it's beauty is well worth the effort to see it. It did begin to sprinkle on the lower half of the SCT, but not even enough to call it a rain.

All told, a combination of cardio and endurance and quad workouts. But a beautiful day on the trail. Oh, did that food in Payson taste extra good!
Sunrise Virga
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