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Temporal Gulch - AZT #4
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Temporal Gulch - AZT #4Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar May 06 2014
Hiking12.30 Miles 3,870 AEG
Hiking12.30 Miles   6 Hrs      2.05 mph
3,870 ft AEG
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1st trip
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We started working on the passages of the AZT south of Tucson last January, doing in-and-out day hikes. We hike on Tuesday's and have been doing about two hikes a month in this area. We have now completed Passages 7,6 5, and 4, in that order.

When we started, there was snow on Mt. Wrightson and on shady parts of these passages.
Over this time we have seen the snow melt, the dormant vegetation come to life, and the wild flowers blossom. We have found these Passages to be beautiful. Neither my hiking partner nor I had spent any time in this part of the state before this, and we have fallen in love with the area. Beautiful wooded, rolling grasslands with magnificent vistas: to the east are valleys between different, identifiable mountain ranges and to the west is Mt. Wrightson and its sister peaks. We've become familiar with the proposed Rosemont open pit mine (and signed the online petition against it); encountered illegal's going south (south ??, BP said they were probably smugglers going back to Mexico with their loot); did part of one passage on mountain bike (and after one of my spills yielded a sprained ankle, learned this old geezer should give up that form of seeing the trail), learned some of the history of that gold mining area; saw three different persons/groups actively sluicing for gold; was impressed with ALL the mining claims signs in Passage 5; looked unsuccessfully for Greaterville so renamed it "Lesserville;" explored the old Greaterville cemetery keeping a lookout for old ghosts; found a rentable "bed and (no) breakfast" cabin at Kentucky Camp that I may try in the future; and met a few hikers including a trail runner who was trying to go from Mexico to Utah in a continuous hike, averaging 40 miles a day (impressive and embarrassing). Our one disappointment was that we never sighted the jaguar that has been caught on camera in the area.

I have posted the set of pictures that my hiking partner and I took on Tuesday's (5/6/14) hike on Passage 4 from Gardner Canyon Road (the north trail head for Passage 4) south to just north of Bear Springs (6.2 miles one-way; 12.4 miles rt) because it finishes our work on that passage, the 4th of the passages we have done, and the last hike we probably will make in the area this spring as the temps go up. We plan to come back and begin Passage 3 this fall after cooler temps set in.

Out of the approximately 500 miles (one-way) on the AZT that I have finished, these southern passages are as pleasant as any others I have walked. The trail is in very good condition and the peace and serenity encountered are priceless. Besides, you are always under the watchful eye of the BP.
Named place
Named place
Mount Wrightson
To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace. -- Publius Cornelius Tacitus (56 AD – 117 AD)

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