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mini location map2013-09-21
25 by photographer avatarBobP
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Nankoweap TrailNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack avatar Sep 21 2013
Backpack30.49 Miles 8,963 AEG
Backpack30.49 Miles3 Days         
8,963 ft AEG
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1st trip
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I wear my sunglasses at night and in the early morning moonlight. Its 2am and the beer isn’t gone but I am. When I wake up, its time to go, my bag was packed but I forgot the bacon from the cooler. :cry: Luckily, I remembered the beer. The hike over to the Nankoweap TH was an adventure with sunglasses and it being dark out. It took me about 2 hours and then I decided to take an hour and 45 minutes to have breakfast and explore before the trip into the abyss.

It was still a little dark as I was descending and I found myself off trail and in a decision making position. Do I climb back up or forge ahead? I forged and then headed back up.
From that point on, I pretty much stayed on trail. Right after Marion point, I ran into a big group of Ciara fans. They were such big fans they even formed a club. We spoke for a little while and they made generous offers for my beer but none good enough. The copter noise started between 8 and 830 am and was intermittent for the remaining miles. The last two miles dragged and I just wanted my chicken breast and Kiltlifters. Finally, Nanko creek was within reach. Cooled off in the creek and 45 minutes later, I was heading for Nanko Butte (separate triplog).

After the Butte, some guy yells at me and succeeded at scaring me but I played it cool. Picked up the pack and setup camp. My comrades were awesome and conversation flowed all over the place that night.

I was concerned about the river hike because I kept missing all the safety meetings. But we stayed together for most of the hike and then I peeled off and checked out a granary that Harvey had photographed (forgot all my pic mimic material) :x . The climb was the hardest bouldering problem ever for me and when I solved it was satisfying. :DANCE: The down climb was wicked scary and I started/stopped and took twice as long to down climb. But I figured it out and decided I’d never do it again although it was wicked cool.

The group was route finding thru the willow awesomeness :lol: and I was waiting on the beach as the rafters pulled in. The rafters updated me on the guys up river and eventually we were united as a group except for Sir Lawrence who was checking out the granaries before us.

Before leaving the area, I pictured what a lake here would have been like. Rumor has it that a land avalanche or rockslide dammed up the river and created a lake. They (the experts) think that this lake is what flooded Stanton’s Cave which is twenty miles upstream. The hike back was fine until I fell. If I had only gone to the safety meetings I thought to myself. 3 Days later there is still a dull pain. After dinner, I had a good beer (Thanks Karl) and then my first PBR in forever. Party lights rock :y:

The hike out was incredible. This time I put my contacts in and enjoyed the moonlight... the serious moonlight. Redwall on fire ….Coco glowing….Mauv was sparkling. Hit the cache and snacked up. Saddle Mountain mocked me as I slithered by. Lunch and beer and a shower were dominating my thoughts. A black tailed Jack hopped in front of me and then a cotton tail motored by.

Great trip…great group dynamic…Enjoyed meeting Kyle and getting to know the others a little better… no :pk: . Bill Murray has been in way more movies than we named and I want to know why no one told me Paul Newman died.
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