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Superstition Peak 5057 - Carney
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Superstition Peak 5057 - CarneyPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 01 2014
Hiking9.10 Miles 3,408 AEG
Hiking9.10 Miles   6 Hrs   20 Mns   1.71 mph
3,408 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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:y: I selected this as my New Years Day hike for 2014, and I can officially check that son of a gun off my list!

That said, I am happy to report that the hike met and exceeded many of my expectations. I giggled quietly to myself as I hung a right at a fork in the trail early on, where several weeks ago I inadvertently went left winding up at the Wave Cave as opposed to the summit. I knew I was on the right track, and that sparked a great deal of energy within.

It was cold and relatively lonely on the trail to begin; I did pass a couple who started a bit before me, but as the second mile climb began, I needed to take a couple of breathers, allowing them to pass at the first landing about halfway to the saddle. This second mile of the trail was a hell of a climb, and oh so enjoyable. The views were breathtaking, but about to be outmatched.

Reaching the saddle I took a few moments to eat a granola bar and inhale some water, much needed. With the sun at my back it was warming up nicely, but upon stopping I was able to realize just how much I'd been sweating. Nonetheless, time to head west, turning a corner and.... holy :o My first glance of the summit and it had the appearance of being 5 miles off in the distance. Back to it I went, stumbling my way through some overgrown areas of the trail, regretting momentarily my devotion to hiking in shorts versus long pants. There was some reprieve for the legs as the first portion had been a mean climb, but the reprieve didn't last all too long after dropping down to a creek bed, crossing (yes, there was plenty of water, woohoo!), and then began another relentless ascent towards the summit.

There were several times when the summit is out of sight, but a look the other direction brought Weaver's into plainview, and that was outstanding. Almost makes me want to learn to climb. Almost.

Up, up, and up some more, I have to admit that the hoodoos were so much more awesome in person. I had been planning a jaunt out to Easter Island in February to check out the moai statues, but then changed plans and will be trekking four days to Machu Picchu instead. Seeing the hoodoos at the summit set my mind at ease as I am able to say that the natural formation is more impressive than the man made and natural resource depleting ones somewhere in the Pacific (let me have this for today...).

As I approached the hoodoos there was a group of four coming down, I let them pass before climbing my way up, not near the cairns. I was shockingly exposed at one point, but the adrenaline rush was outstanding. Turned a ledge to my left, pulled myself up, and voila--summit attained.

I'll second the statement that this is closer to a triple dose of Camelback. I am beat, and I am stoked to have done this bad boy!

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