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mini location map2002-03-12
8 by photographer avatarck_1
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White CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 12 2002
Hiking 660 AEG
660 ft AEG
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I'd wanted to do this one for a long time, today I got the chance! This hike rocks! It has everything I'm looking for in a hike.beautiful views.bouldering.scrambling.a few water was an excellent hike. We (Buffett and I) followed the canyon bottom on the way 'in'. What was great was the didn't do one thing for too long.a bit of sandy wash, and then, bang, some boulders that need climbing.a bit of slickrock, and then, here's some water for you! I completely enjoyed this hike.the water was crystal clear, and although it was warm today, the shaded areas were refreshingly cool. We followed the canyon for some time, exact mileage I have no clue, about 2 hours though. On the return, we followed more of a trail. It crossed the canyon bottom, would travel on either side of the canyon, sometimes going rather high on one side or the other. Although I have no clue really, I figured the trail we were following was in place for when there was/is water in the creek, since it carved back and forth on either side and crossed the creek bed a boulder areas. Again, just guessing here. This is a great hike! Can't wait to return.

As for the approach, having read other's comments, I opted to park at the top of the last hill.
'The Journey is the Destination!'
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