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mini location map2007-12-16
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White CanyonGlobe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 16 2007
Hiking6.00 Miles 660 AEG
Hiking6.00 Miles1 Day   8 Hrs      
660 ft AEG
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Visited White Canyon for my 4th time last weekend. I knew it would be spectacular after the recent rains. Lots of water and the cottonwoods were nice and golden yellow.

This canyon is not for the casual hiker. Its rough and knarly - especially with a lot of water flowing. The canyon is littered with house sized boulders and choked with catclaw, ironwood, and tamarisk (Grrr). With a lot of water flowing, much of the stream bed cannot be used as a trail. You have to get creative, take your time, and expect your clothes and skin to get nice and torn up.

With this in mind, White Canyon is a special place. The huge boulders can be seen as a obstacle or part of what makes this a giant playground. This is a canyon that forces you to go slow, explore, and take it in. The shear canyon walls on either side remind me of some of the sandstone canyons of S. Utah.

There are several waterfalls that depending on the rain can be quite amazing. There are two major falls, the first I call The Wave at 33°10'13.83"N, 111° 5'32.57"W. I would imagine this is where the canyon gets its name. These falls are made of some beautiful white (with a tinge of pink) rock. The other main falls, I call Tube Falls, is a fall that has carved a tubular channel in the rock - its kind of like a little water slide.
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