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Rose Spring Trail
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mini location map2007-06-03
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Rose Spring TrailAlpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 03 2007
Hiking9.70 Miles 1,120 AEG
Hiking9.70 Miles   4 Hrs   15 Mns   2.28 mph
1,120 ft AEG
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There are 3 major Wilderness Areas to hike East or West off Hwy#191 between Alpine,AZ, and South to the Hannagan Meadow area: the Escudilla Wilderness(Alpine area), the Blue Range Wilderness and Primitive Area(Hannagan Meadow-East of Hwy#191) and the Bear Wallow Wilderness(Hannagan Meadow-WEST of Hwy#191).

This planned "vehicle shuttle hike", hiking in the HEART of the beautiful, old growth forest-11,000 acre, Bear Wallow Wilderness, was without doubt, one through hike I will always remember and will look forward to doing again!

Trip Route: Park the "1st vehicle" at the Bear Wallow Tr#63 TH at 8675' (3.1mls up FR25 fm Hwy#191..well maintained gravel road); Park the "2nd vehicle" at the Rose Spring Tr#309 TH at 8500' (6.5mls up FR54 fm Hwy#191..not recommended for passenger cars, but small SUV's OK when dry)..Note: Driving distance between the two vehicles is one way;
Start this scenic and beautiful 9.7 ml through hike at the Rose Spring Tr#309 TH; Continue downhill, then up, then level, for ~3.4mls on #309 to the intersection of Schell Canyon Tr#316 at 8620'; Continue on #316 for 2.8mls downhill(-1100') through this gorgeous/lush green, old growth forest steep/narrow SCHELL CANYON to its end and intersection with the Bear Wallow Tr#63 and Creek at 7500'; Turn Right on Tr#63 and continue along this trail/creek (watch out for lots of "Poison Ivy" for the first; Continue hiking South/East along Tr#63 for 3.5mls and +1175' to it end at the Bear Wallow TH where you left your "1st vehicle";

On this through hike while hiking on the Rose Spring Trail , at most any point before reaching the Schell Canyon Tr, IF one takes the time to go approx 100-200yrs OFF TRAIL to the LEFT through the forest canopy, one is awarded with some spectacular high RIM VIEWS of this huge mountain-wilderness area to the SOUTH..

Due to the +/-1100ft elevation gain/loss in 2.8mls when hiking the scenic Schell Canyon Tr#316, I think it makes better sense to try and do this vehicle shuttle IF possible, but if you can't, then try to hike it as an "in and out" from the Rose Spring TR/TH...which will make it a 12.4ml total hike, BUT will give you the biggest "bang for the buck"; Schell Canyon is absolutely gorgeous (and a great backpacking campsite resides with two creeks converging about .5ml in from the intersection with the Bear Wallow Tr#63) and there were times while hiking this canyon when we thought we were in a tropical rain forest somewhere in Central America- "lush green with dense varieties of vegetation and wild strawberries everywhere!. Also, this was the day that I thought we were actually going to see a BLACK BEAR on the trail. We passed bear scat so fresh, that you could smell the odor while hiking by... but we did not see any, probably due to us talking too much.

Another couple of nice day hikes in the Bear Wallow Wilderness would be to just hike the Rose Spring Tr#309 to it end at ROSE SPRING 5.4ml "one way" & -2k' and/or to hike from the Bear Wallow Tr#63 TH down to the intersection of Schell Canyon Tr#316 or continue North on the Bear Wallow Tr. It goes for a total of 7.6mls "one way" along Bear Wallow Creek to the boundary of the San Carlos Indian Reservation (I understand that this hike is a popular backpacking and fishing route- for the allusive APACHE TROUT!!)......
(Outside.. "there is No Place Like It!!")
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