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Escalante RouteNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack avatar Nov 01 2014
Backpack26.40 Miles 8,000 AEG
Backpack26.40 Miles2 Days         
8,000 ft AEG
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After a long lay off I was finally able to get back to the Grand Canyon. John put this trip together and it was a great one! Knowing my experience is some what limited in the Canyon, John invited me along on another nice introductory level two day back pack, Tanner to New Hance via the Escalante Route.

Not one mile of this trip disappointed. We got a very late start due to driving up that morning and setting up our shuttle. Some HAZ appreciation to the member who helped us out with that, nikorock28. He also joined us for the first 2.5 miles down Tanner. Tanner is certainly a trail you cannot partially commit to, once you begin, the relentless first down hill begins. We arrived at the Colorado in relatively good time, we walked past some back packing groups, chatted with some very quickly and continued down the Escalante.

After the zeal of visiting the Hill Top Ruins wore off, Escalante did seem to beat me up a little. Nevertheless, we were still able to finally drop our gear at the confluence of Escalante Creek and the Colorado about 15 minutes to five, not bad for a nearly ten in the morning start time.

We battled the wind most of the night but major precipitation held off. We got up early, broke camp and continued down the Escalante, with beating a potential storm in mind. Seventy Five Mile Creek quickly became one of my favorite spots in Canyon and I enjoyed the final three miles or so of Escalante in general. Now climbing out New Hance was a whole other story.

New Hance really kicked my ass. I felt at times I was really holding John up, but he assured me I was fine. Although, strenuous the climb did seem to go by relatively quickly and John and I were back on pavement by 1:30 or so. This was certainly not my first time knocking out a 25 plus mile over-nighter, but these 26 miles came perhaps tougher than any of recent memory.

Final Notes:

I encountered wind along the Escalante so fierce that it seriously made me think for the first time in my hiking career, that there was a possibility the wind might blow me right off the trail.

The Grand Canyon simply amazes me. I seem to get up differently for Canyon hikes, a little anxiety in beginning, more adrenaline then usual, more stopping and admiring, just an experience not duplicated anywhere else in the state or my modest areas of travel anyways.

A final thanks to John, great trip. Immediately near the top of my all-time list, really expanded my Canyon frame of reference, and further scratched that canyon itch I am quickly developing, now I only have about ten new canyon trips I want to complete :-k
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