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Escalante RouteNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Backpack avatar Apr 20 2019
Backpack32.61 Miles 9,995 AEG
Backpack32.61 Miles3 Days         
9,995 ft AEG
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It’s fun to do a trip you did a while ago to see how much you’ve progressed. If you have time go read my first triplog before reading this one. [ photoset ]

Day 1: I joined the trip at the last minute since I didn’t have anything else going on. We drove up to Flagstaff the night before so we could have a relative early start on the trail. Since I’ve done the Tanner trail a few times I decided to add Cardenas Butte which sounds like an easy Butte to do (no one else on the trip had done off-trail in the Grand Canyon). Most of my party wanted to conserve their energy so I only got one taker on the journey. The trip up to Cardenas had a few easy climbs. Soon we were at the top and the views were glorious! There is something about summoning a peak within a canyon that gives deep satisfaction. We hurried to catch-up with the group before they got to the beach. The hillsides lower down were littered with Mariposa lilies, Beavertail prickly pear, and what I think was Parry Tackstem. Simply beautiful! We found a camp at the far edge of Tanner beach. I cooled my cider as we cooled off playing in the water. Dinner was tacos of different varieties. Thanks to Brian I’ll have a new item to add to my usual menu. As I laid in my comfy bed, I got to see a shooting star - hope I didn’t wake anyone up as I’m sure I had an exclamation.

Day 2: This officially began our Escalante Route. There was cool bee colony in Cardenas Drainage. We hiked up and saw Hillside Ruins. The traverse wasn’t scary any more. We went all the way to Papago for camp. I scoured the climb. Saw people are doing a different route - it wasn’t a clean as the classic route at the mouth of the canyon so I picked that one.

Day 3: We climbed up the Papago wall. The Slide was still scary but I knocked it out quickly and waited for the others below. Then after tanking up on water, I headed out. I had to get back to Tucson and wanted to do so in a reasonable amount of time. I was able to complete the New Hance trail in 5 hours. At times the Supai got annoying because it seemed like it was landslide after landslide. Then the Coconino tried to kick my pumpkin. But in the end I persevered.

I’m so glad I repeated the trip. Company was great!
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